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    Soundbite Services gives Socially Responsible Businesses, non-profits, agencies, foundations, 501(c)4s and public-minded individuals a platform to deliver broadcast quality news packages to content providers across the media spectrum: radio, web, print and television.

  • Experience

    Seasoned journalists work to create the messages of social responsibility for both commercial and not-for-profit ventures.

  • Unparalleled Delivery

    The proprietary Soundbite Services Digital Delivery System ensures your information is placed in the hands of the targeted media outlets that matter to you. All profits fund independent journalism in the public interest.

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Fees Could Double or Triple at Many National Parks in 2018


The U.S. Department of the Interior is proposing to double or almost triple the price of admission during peak season to 17 of the most popular ...Read More

New-Business Creation Declining in U.S.

November 13, 2017

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Over the past decade, there has been a net decline in creation of new business in the United States. A new survey suggests ...Read More

Photojournalist Faces 60 Years for Videotaping DC Protest Riot

November 13, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Jury selection starts this week in the multi-count felony trial of a photojournalist arrested while covering inauguration protests ...Read More

American Solar Industry Awaits Trump's Tariff Decision

November 10, 2017

DENVER – Solar-energy proponents are warning jobs will be lost and the industry will see a major setback if President Donald Trump imposes an import ...Read More

Research Examines Economic Contributions of Immigrants on Protected Status

November 6, 2017

WASHINGTON – Hundreds of thousands of immigrants who fled their countries because of natural disasters soon will learn if they can continue to seek ...Read More

Death of Shopping Malls: Dot-Coms Aren't Only Ones to Blame

November 1, 2017

NEW YORK – Across America, large "temples" that pay homage to capitalism and opportunity are boarded up, with empty spaces left where thriving ...Read More

Analysis: Don’t Miss the Chance to Improve Puerto Rico’s Electrical System

Oct. 30, 2017

CLEVELAND – Rebuilding Puerto Rico's electrical grid the way it was – and carrying over its debt – would leave the U.S. territory vulnerable and slow ...Read More

Report: Racial Gaps Persist for Children in NJ

Oct. 25, 2017

TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey's African-American and Latino children face greater barriers to success than do their white peers, according to a new ...Read More

Study: Alabama Children's Well-Being Varies Depending on Race

Oct. 25, 2017

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Children of color in Alabama are lagging far behind their white peers, according to a major new study of child well-being. The ...Read More


Media News Releases

• With news and information breaking at record speed, Soundbite Services produces rapid response media (ANRs/VNRs/news releases/alerts) to get your news in the hands of content providers in record time.
• Seasoned journalists produce stories with just minutes or hours lead time to ensure timely release and increased usage.
• Deliver ready-to-air or post news to targeted decision makers across the media spectrum: radio, web, print, television, RSS feeds plus mainstream and alternative aggregators (like Google News, Yahoo News, Newsvine, itunes, etc.)

Seasoned Journalists & Producers

• Script/voice reporter’s introduction
• Record spokesperson's sound bite(s) over the phone
• Produce, edit final package including full client review and verification
• Distribute news package via email/fax alert to targeted radio/TV/print/web news outlets included
• Host news package via password-protected media outlet website and tollfree phone line
• Track usage at all targeted outlets
• Electronically deliver final Media Usage Report
- Initial report available same day - Full report in two days
- Updated in perpetuity
• Package Archiving

Broadcast Alerts

• Distribute on your letterhead or ours.
• Geo-targeted distribution guarantees delivery of your message to the markets and outlets you want to reach.
• Effectively contact decision makers across the media spectrum with maximum efficiency and manageable cost.
• Customize delivery by media, market or decision maker.
• Digital usage reports track targeted results.

Public Service Announcements

• Raise public awareness on advocacy issues with professionally written and produced messages geo-targeted to your chosen commercial and non commercial media outlets
• Put your story, issue or call-for-action in front of content deciders across the media spectrum
• Digital usage reports track targeted results

Packages & Pricing

• As well as national delivery, Soundbite Services can customize delivery of your story to a state and its border markets, top 10 metro markets, or specific U.S. Congressional districts.
• Our basic services start as low as $179.00 to distribute your press release nationally


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Tax Day Arrives, But Not for Corporate Billions in Offshore Havens

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Nominee for EPA Chief Wins Praise from Biz and Health Care

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Major U.S. Grocer to Require Labeling of GMO Foods

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Mixing Business and Politics: Courage is the Key

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Babies at Work? More Moms on the Job With Their Newborns

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